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Most bamboo products in today's global market are manufactured in China. We are manufacturers of bamboo flooring and exporters of  various bamboo products like panels, blinds, curtains, rugs, mats, fiber and handicrafts from China.

Our office and factory is based in Linan town, which is famous for its 1.6 million sq. Miles. of Mao bamboo forests and sustainable bamboo harvesting practices. Mao bamboo is specially cultivated and harvested at three to five years, without damaging the ecological system of renewal. Mao bamboo is the best species of bamboo used for commercially manufactured bamboo products.

All our products are manufactured from carefully selected, mature bamboo poles which provide the best strength, stability and durability. We use modern technology and equipment to produce eco-friendly products. We are an environmentally responsible company and work towards improving the social and economic benefits of bamboo.

Linan town is part of the scenic Hangzhou city, the capital of Zhejiang Province. We are well connected to Shanghai, an international airport and a major shipping port to provide reliable on-time deliveries.

Our high product quality and superb service are your benefits. Attention to detail and commitment to excellence are our highlights.

We welcome the opportunity to do business with home owners, distributors & wholesalers.


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We provide bamboo's exotic appeal at an affordable cost.

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